Dance Theater Works

Small Heading

Or Marin & Oran Nahum

Dance Theater Company

Project R

Choreography, Video, Scenography: Or Marin

Danceres: Johann Fourriere, Stav Yeini, Natalia Pieczuro, Bára Sigfúsdóttir.

Sound Design & Dramaturgy: Oran Nahum

Light Designer: Uri Rubinstein

About the work:

Do estrangement and loneliness depend on how far away you are from home? Perhaps loneliness is even stronger in the most familiar of places. What happens as we move farther away from our home town? I have been observing a strong trend of migration, the world becoming more universal. What do words such as religion, nationality and geographic location mean? Many artists travelling the world, looking for work, contact and, mostly, meaning. Modern gypsies of sorts, with no clear identity and yet identical to one another in certain ways.

Many artists travel to Brussels, Belgium - mainly dancers. In this project, I used video to document four dancers who migrated to Brussels from different countries of origin. We brought this footage into the studio, where it served us to conduct a physical and an emotional exploration. Two layers of consciousness appear on stage, side by side – the speaking exterior and the exposed interior – a personal filmed reality, alongside a universal-physical stage reality.

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium.

The work process

In February 2011, four dancers were selected out of a hundred in an audition I made in Brussels. It was a call for dancers that are not Belgians but living today in Brussels. Selected dancers: Johann Fourriere (France), Karolina Kraczkowska (Poland), Natalia Pieczuro (Poland), Bára Sigfúsdóttir (Iceland).

For 4 months (March - June 2011) I followed the dancers, filmed & interviewed them about their immigration to Brussels, and the way they passed through various places until today, their choice to live outside of their homeland and the different feelings that accompany them in choosing this kind of life.

April 2011- The project was selected to the "Sound Image Culture" program, which takes ten projects per year that research stage, documentary and anthropology

July 2011 - We received a summer residency from DCJ- Dance Centrum Jette. There I had the possibility to start and explore this piece in the physical, choreographic and emotional layers. I took the documentary footage into the studio and screened them on TV screens.

August 2011 - Yza de Burbure, the artistic director of TRACE Festival suggested a co-production: we were given a work space, equipment, and a chance to perform on a stage the work in progress.

February 2012 - A residency in Brussels at the Pianofabriek Cultural Center

July 2012 - A national premiere at Hot Dance festival in the Suzanne Dellal Center, and an Independent shows at:Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, HaBoostan Theatre (Netanya).

August 2012 - Internationale Tanzmesse NRW, Germany. November 2012 - Jetherfst Festival, Brussels.